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Hi i'm alex and i do public forum with the occassional congressional debate P.S i debate in florida


I control your entire country, kids

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"The biggest difference between speech and debate: to succeed at speech, one simply needs to be good at speaking. Whereas in debate, one can not succeed without also listening."
I’m not sure if anyone’s ever said this before, but I dropped it in class today and I was like “holy shit this is profound I should post this on my debate comedy  blog I never update” so here you go (via fuckyeahpolicydebate)

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Anthem of debaters everywhere

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my anaconda don’t
my anaconda don’t
my anaconda don’t want none unless you got bids hun

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Overheard at a debate tournament


"I don’t just think they’re a neoliberal structure, i also think their donuts are CRAP!!!"

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what if the national forensic league and the nation football league combined to make a mega NFL and it’s literally just people in suits tackling each other
this is one of the many questions I ponder the night before a tournament when I should be prepping

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Someone please do this to *that one kid* at tournaments

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