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Hi i'm alex and i do public forum with the occassional congressional debate P.S i debate in florida


Monsanto Harvest-Resistant Corn Now Engulfing Most Of Midwest

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I despise when people try to come up with reasons against feminism. feminism isn’t there to degrade men or ignore their issues, but rather to boost women in areas where they struggle. it’s an equality movement- that strikes the issue from the side of the women. there should be a male movement too,…

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Walt Whitman AA wins Bronx!!!!

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Bronx invitational

Finals round: Walt Whitman AA VS Lake Highland LN!!!

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I’d like to thank the PSAT for the debate shoutout. we sophists love teaching our novices how to ensnare, confuse, and *bedazzle*💫💫💫 their opponents with arguments

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Wearing Pearl Necklaces in Forensics: A Not Quite Solicited Guide



Thank you for the question! Unfortunately, I’ve been having some difficulties answering with pictures in question-answer format - so this will have plenty of pictures, and have to be a text post.

Pearls work with whatever image you’re constructing for yourself - they should either add to the…

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We could do it Real Housewives style where each state has its own series and it’s based around the team captains.

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Things that happen when you tell someone you do debate


  • "Oh, really? What do you debate about?"
  • Follow up: “Oh, that’s interesting. Are you pro or con?”
  • That stupid fucking master debater joke

That’s it, those are the only possibilities

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