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Hi i'm alex and i do public forum with the occassional congressional debate P.S i debate in florida



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writing tip #925:


love making up stories but don’t have the skills to write a novel? fox news is always hiring

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are we allowed to
burn things in a debate round?
i’m writing a k.

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I’m sorry, judge, I’m afraid i am unable to answer my opponents because their first speaker is very hot

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How do you flirt in a PF round

A) there are about 50 pickup lines floating around tumblr/twitter
B) Ask for their case in crossfire and write your number on it.
C) Cleavage.

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I’m high as shit and just debated in my argument class on why weed should be illegal and I won

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Write cases for this weekend, or watch house of cards…. Decisions, decisions.

Perm: do both. At the same time.

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I control your entire country, kids

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"The biggest difference between speech and debate: to succeed at speech, one simply needs to be good at speaking. Whereas in debate, one can not succeed without also listening."
I’m not sure if anyone’s ever said this before, but I dropped it in class today and I was like “holy shit this is profound I should post this on my debate comedy  blog I never update” so here you go (via fuckyeahpolicydebate)

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Anthem of debaters everywhere

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